Super beneficial hacks of coca-cola

Dainik Nepal Jan 05, 2023 | 14:00

Everyone has a dream of having a head full beautiful hair. If you have limp, dull hair, you may use this cola hack which is super beneficial.

A lot of women today have hair that lacks volume and shine. That’s not that strange if you think about what we collectively do to our hair: the frequent washing, dyeing, straightening and curling we do doesn’t do our hair any favours.

Luckily, there’s a simple product like cola that might just make all the difference, and you’re likely to have a bottle of it in your fridge already.

Washing your hair with cola could make a big difference. Cola and other aerated drinks have phosphoric acid, which has a very low pH level, which tightens the cuticle and makes the hair strands smooth, shiny and gives a nice wavy look. In fact, rinsing it with cola and then washing it with water leaves hair more bouncy.

You can also use it to descale your tea kettle or to clean the toilet. You can also use it to remove chewing gum from your (or your children’s) hair. Fill a bowl with coke and put the piece of hair with the chewing gum in it. Let this sit for a while and you’ll see how easy it is to remove the gum.


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