Headache: natural remedies to relieve the pain

Dainik Nepal Jan 02, 2023 | 13:03

The headache depends mainly on the involuntary and continuous contraction of the muscles of the nape, forehead, temples, neck and shoulders, associated with tense conditions. There are many types of headaches, but fortunately there are many natural remedies to fight and prevent it!

(1) Regular physical activity can have beneficial effects on the frequency, intensity and duration of migraine and headache attacks, reducing the risk of developing chronic migraine.

(2) A healthy and regular diet promotes body well-being and can help keep headaches away.

(3) Drinking calming herbal teas can help relieve pain.

(4)A warm bath can help you relax and may also reduce any muscle pain that could be contributing to a tension headache.

(5) Stay hydrated by drinking water. Adding foods with high water content like watermelon, celery, and cucumber to your diet can also help.

(6) Meditation, including sitting in a comfortable position and regulating your breath until you feel relaxed, can help reduce headache.

(7)Listen to calming sounds, including music or recorded nature sounds. The rhythms and gentle melodies can help slow your breathing, promote relaxation, as well as help ease body pain or tension.


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