A man turned an airplane into his home and it looks pretty special

Dainik Nepal Jan 03, 2023 | 13:54

Kathmandu: Bruce Campell, a 64-year-old retired electrical engineer has buit his home inside an airplane.

He always had a very creative vision since his young age. When he was in his early twenties, he bought a 10-acre piece of land for 23,000 dollars in the woods of Hillsboro, Oregon with a very clear vision on what to do with it. He took an old airplane and a big piece of land and turned it into the most unique home on earth.

The inside of the plane has all the comforts. A lot of the original elements of the plane have been kept the way they were, like some of the original seats as well as the toilet. Campbell even added a washing machine and a sink.

Campbell lives quite modestly in his unusual home. He sleeps on a futon, cooks using a microwave and a toaster, eats mainly cereals and canned food, and builds a lot of improvised equipment himself


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