How “Mud Play” is benifitial to your children

Dainik Nepal


No parent likes it when they see their kids playing in the mud. But the reality is that most children love playing with dirt, mud, and sand. They love mess and don’t know about  how many germs and bacteria are present in them. You may not know but let us tell you that playing in the mud can actually benefit your children!

With the rise of urbanism, and the allure of video games and social media, contact with nature is much rarer than in the past. For many, there is simply no opportunity to get muddy.”Don’t get dirty!” was once a constant family refrain, as parents despairingly watched their children spoil their best clothes.

Mud play is  getting creative and having fun with mud, typically wet mud, which kids can squash, mold, and even throw. According to recent research, the dirt outside is teaming with friendly microorganisms that can train the immune system and build resilience to a range of illnesses, including allergies, asthma and even depression and anxiety.

Mud play and other outdoor activities not only get them away from screens, but give children fresh air, exercise, and sunlight. Mud play is also a teaching tool that can help children boost creativity, imagination, independent learning, and teamwork.

So let your children play with mud with no worries next time.


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