At Rs 7.2 million, it is the most expensive head covering in the world!

Dainik Nepal Jun 26, 2022 | 8:49

Good sleep is also important for our health. The bed should be fast for good sleep. Sirak, from Dasna to Sirani, affects the quality and type of sleep. You may have seen many shapes and sizes from cotton to fiber. But have you seen Sirani worth Rs 7.2 million?

Made in the Netherlands, it is the most expensive pillow in the world. The physiotherapist designed the pillow for human health.

It took a full 15 years to prepare the table and various researches were done on the subject.

The world’s most expensive sirani 57 thousand dollars, or about 72 million rupees.

It is filled by a robotic milling machine. Four diamonds are attached to this Sirani chain and one sapphire is also attached. It is sold packaged in a brand box.

Researchers say that people with insomnia can sleep soundly on this pillow.



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