The world’s most expensive mango, guards and dogs work for security

Dainik Nepal Jun 26, 2022 | 8:49

Now the king of fruits is mango season. Now you can buy good mangoes at cheap prices. Maldaha, Dashahari, Bombay, etc. You have already eaten different types of mangoes. But have you ever eaten the most expensive mango in the world? You may not have had a chance to see this mango go away.

If the mango of Miyazaki variety is so expensive that you need around Rs. 4.5 lakh to buy one kg of mango. Because it is so valuable, people are deployed along with security guards and dogs to protect the mango tree.

This mango is originally found in Miyazaki, Japan. It is also found in some parts of South East Asia. This mango is ruby ​​colored. This mango is very tasty. People call this mango the sun’s egg.

A man from Madhya Pradesh, India, has planted this mango in his garden. Sankalp Parihar, who lives in Jabalpur, has deployed four security personnel and dangerously trained dogs to protect the expensive mango grown in the garden. They are protecting mangoes 24 hours a day. This mango, which is very rare in India, was also grown in his garden last year. But after the mango was stolen, he has given strict protection to the mango plant this year.

The price of this mango in the international market is around Rs 435,000 per kg. People are ready to give up to 20,000 rupees for a single mango, which is grown even in India. However, Sankalp is not ready to sell mangoes right now. He is ready to pick and sell mangoes only after they are fully picked.

Mango contains more than 15 percent sugar and various other nutrients. It also contains antioxidants, beta carotene and folic acid.



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