Sri Lanka to launch mobile app to protect tourists

Dainik Nepal Feb 26, 2023 | 20:26

COLOMBO: Sri Lanka is to launch a mobile app from March 1 to protect tourists, Tourism Minister Harin Fernando said on Sunday.

The minister, addressing an event in Colombo, said this is one of the best mobile applications in the region for tourist safety. He said the app can be operated in seven languages. The mobile app will register all three-wheelers and a barcode will be displayed on the vehicle for foreign tourists to scan, the minister said.

Once a tourist reports an incident by scanning the barcode, police and tourism officials would take action, he said. The ministry will operate a 24-hour active call center to support the app, he said. The police can also monitor the app and take appropriate action in the event of any incidents that inconvenience or endanger tourists.

Tourism, one of Sri Lanka’s leading foreign exchange earners, has suffered a setback due to the COVID-19 pandemic and economic and political crises in the country.

Sri Lanka aims to attract around 1.5 million tourists in 2023 and 3 million tourists in 2024. Xinhua


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