Muslim women in Israel marry youngest

Dainik Nepal Mar 08, 2024 | 15:22

Tel Aviv [Israel]: Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics released data showing that Muslim women in the country marry, on average, at the youngest age.The data was released ahead of International Women’s Day 2024, to be observed Friday, March 7.

Muslim women in Israel marry at an average age of 23.5 years. Among Druze women, the average age of marriage is 25.4, it is 25.6 among Jewish women and 27.6 among Christian women. (These figures are from 2022).In 2022, the average age of women who gave birth increased to 30.7 – a year and eight months higher compared to the average age in 2000.

Approximately 177,200 women gave birth in Israel in 2022. The average number of children that an Israeli woman in Israel is expected to give birth to during her lifetime (Total Fertility Rate) is 2.89 children, higher than the average in the OECD countries where the average number is 1.58.

In 2023, approximately 1.2 million women in Israel (35 per cent of the total female population) are mothers of children up to the age of 17. Of these, 90 per cent live with their spouse and the rest lead single-parent families, similar to the previous year.


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