France drops Covid testing for travellers from China

Dainik Nepal Feb 17, 2023 | 12:55

BEIJING: France has dropped Covid testing restrictions imposed on travellers from China, the French embassy in Beijing said.Since January, visitors aged 11 and over travelling from China to France have had to present a negative test taken 48 hours before the flight to board the plane.The restrictions were introduced as China experienced a wave of coronavirus infections after lifting its stifling zero-Covid policy in December.

“Travellers from China to France are no longer required to present the result of a negative RT-PCR test within 48 hours or fill a health declaration form,” the French embassy in Beijing said in a statement on Thursday.”Random screenings on arrival are also abolished,” it added. China reopened its borders and scrapped mandatory quarantine for those entering the country in January, ending its international isolation after nearly three years.

The relaxation led to a surge in outbound travel. Overseas bookings via China’s largest travel service were up 640 percent during the Lunar New Year holiday in January compared with last year.China is now allowing group tours to 20 countries, according to the tourism ministry. Several countries, including Japan, South Korea and Singapore, have also eased restrictions on travellers from China in recent weeks.


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