A 19-year-old man and a 56-year-old woman got engaged

Dainik Nepal Oct 28, 2022 | 20:43

Thailand: Love transcends all trivial boundaries, including age too. A 19-year-old young man and a 56-year-old grandmother with three grandchildren are engaged to get married.19-year-old Witichai Chantaraj from Thailand met his 56-year-old future wife about 10 years ago.

At that time, the woman had come to Sakhon Nakhon province of Thailand to be the neighbor of the young man.The first real conversation between them happened when Janla asked the 10-year-old boy to help her move some plants in clay pots.

Since that day, Vitichai used to go to the divorced woman’s house to play and help her with the housework. The two describe their initial relationship as friendship. But when Witichai turned 17, his attraction to Janla increased.

After Vitichai expressed his feelings, these two started living as a couple. These two only informed their families about their romance at the beginning of this year. The love story of these two has become a headline in Thailand. Agency


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