‘World’s dirtiest man’ dies in Iran at 94

Dainik Nepal Oct 28, 2022 | 20:32

Iran: Amou Haji, known as the ‘dirtiest man in the world’, has passed away.

He died at the age of 94 in Dejgah village in Fars province of southern Iran.According to Iran’s Irna news agency, he died last Sunday.

He had not bathed with soap and water for 60 years. According to his friends and villagers, he stopped bathing after an emotional shock in his life at a young age.However, according to Irna, a few months ago, under the pressure of the villagers, he took bath for the first time after 6 decades.

In 2014, Tehran Times published a report about him and said that he eats meat from animals killed on the roadside, smokes animal parts in a pipe and says that if he cleans himself, he will get sick.

In some pictures, he was seen smoking several cigarettes at once.


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