Don’t delay talking to your partner about these issues

Dainik Nepal Oct 12, 2022 | 20:49

Some things cannot be said to anyone. But there are some things that you should not miss to say to your partner. If these things are hidden, the marital life itself may be in trouble. Therefore, for a harmonious relationship, the following must be said to the spouse.

– Expectations with partners
If you have some expectations from your partner without getting married, you should be able to say it openly. Even if you are married, you should not be late in telling about what you expect from your partner.

– Private work and solitude
Be it before marriage or in a relationship, if you are going to do something private, it is necessary to tell your partner about it. Also, if you are looking for solitude by keeping yourself a little apart, you should openly tell your partner about it. So that no conflict is created because of this later and trust remains in the relationship.

– Shopping
There should be a conversation between the partners about shopping. When buying a big budget or expensive item rather than a small item, the partner should be informed about it and approval should be obtained. This avoids suspicions about the sources and relationships of expenses.

– The nature of the family
Especially after entering into a new relationship, the partner does not know about the nature of his family members. Therefore, taking time to tell the partner about everyone’s nature will reduce the risk of problems in the relationship.

– Sexual intercourse
Sometimes, even when you are not in the mood, your partner may urge you to have sex. Although this desire is natural for the partner, if you are not in the mood, you should be open about it. Sex until both are ready is uninteresting and pointless. Therefore, it should not be difficult to say about this.


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