Sex Is Important in Marriage (5 Reasons)

Dainik Nepal Sep 25, 2022 | 20:08

The best thing about marriage is having a long-lasting shared attraction for one another. Sex is among the ways couples can be vulnerable and comfortable with one another.

It’s shocking how many married couples don’t get to enjoy sex in their unions. What they don’t understand is the strong link between sex and marriage. In fact, research shows that couples who engage in sex at least once a week lead happier lives.

It’s worth having an open and healthy conversation about sex if we feel we aren’t having enough of it. The last thing we would desire is to live in a sexless marriage or have unsatisfied sexual needs.

How important is sex in marriage regardless of the years spent together? In this guide, we’ll discover five reasons we need sex in a healthy marriage:

1. It Boosts Intimacy

Having regular sex can breed intimacy in marriage for a long time. During each sexual encounter that leads to orgasms, our bodies release the hormone oxytocin. This hormone makes us feel closer to each other and strengthens our bond.

Without intimacy in marriage, it’s easy for us to break our connection. If we don’t take any measures to bring back our sex life, we’ll feel far apart as a couple. Sex helps us ignite the fire that once brought us together.

When having sex, we reveal the innermost parts of ourselves to our partners. We deeply trust in them not to judge our flaws and take us as we are. Sex allows us to put our vulnerabilities aside and get lost in the moment.

We risk extinguishing the fire between us if we skip out on sex due to selfish reasons. Having intercourse will remind us of what we mean to each other. We get a deeper meaning to our relationship the more we make time for sex.

2. Relieves Stress

Outside marriage, we have other responsibilities that we need to handle. It may be stressful to balance between work/school and marriage. We may also become stressed when faced with a life-altering event.

A sexless marriage can put us at risk of stress no matter our gender, social status, or age. When stressed, our pulse rates and blood pressure rise while our blood sugar levels may rise. If we fail to manage stress, we risk having insomnia, migraines, and reduced immunity.

Though stress can lower our desire for sex, we shouldn’t downplay the importance of having sex. Having intercourse can make us feel less stressed and put us in a better mood. That’s because orgasms boost the production of dopamine in our brains to relieve stress.

A good mood can make us have more physical affection with our partners. Our sex drives can also improve when we’re in a good mood.

A good sexual relationship releases tension in our daily lives as we can complement the sex with kissing, hugging, and cuddling to relieve stress even more.

3. Equips Us to Do Life Together

It’s no secret that marriage vows keep us committed to one another. However, vows without action may seem like mere words and cause a marriage to derail. That’s why we need to have sex to renew the hope of pursuing life as a couple.

Doing life with a spouse has its ups and downs that we should learn to address. We need to find ways that will motivate us to achieve goals together. Having regular sex can help us discover the unity that we officiated by exchanging marriage vows.

Through sexual intimacy, we remind each other of the journey we’re supposed to pursue together. Sex takes us back to the early days of our marriage when we were excited about forming a union. It leads us to the oneness we once dreamed of.

4. Make us Feel Wanted by Our Partners

Sex is a proven way to raise testosterone levels, which boosts our libido. Each time we have sex, our desire for intercourse improves. And if the sex ends in an orgasm, we feel more confident about our bodies.

Sexual intimacy can alter our hormone levels and boost self-esteem. It helps us understand our bodies and sexual needs better. We’ll also find it more comfortable talking with our partners about these desires. Sometimes attending marriage counseling can help couples improve their communication and face any issues or unresolved conflicts in their relationship.

Having sex allows us to shift our attention from our perceived flaws to our strongest attributes. It helps us establish our standards for attractiveness no matter how we look. We won’t have to be insecure about things beyond our control when surrounded by our partners.

Sex directs our minds into receiving or giving pleasure. It helps us be confident about immersing ourselves deeply into the intercourse. We should never forget that it takes a deep emotional connection rather than a perfect body to enjoy sex.

5. Helps Us Model a Healthy Relationship for Our Kids

For married couples with children, sexual intimacy can make us better role models. Our kids will learn more about marriage from watching us. They get to see that we are authentically affectionate around each other.

It’s easier for us to display affection in public when we have regular sex. Besides our children, other people around us can notice the spark. Sex will make us put more effort into strengthening our marriage for our family’s sake.

Even when we are having kids for the first time, we should find ways to reignite our sexual intimacy. We shouldn’t let our busy schedules or parenting responsibilities consume our intimate time.

Now You Know the Importance of Sex in Marriage
Besides being a gateway for pleasure, sex cultivates affection and love in a marriage. It helps us express our care and love for someone without using words. Understanding the importance of sex in marriage can help us lead happy lives together.

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