Lahure Flower: What kind of soil does it bloom well?

Dainik Nepal Jun 26, 2022 | 8:03

Kathmandu. It is spring. At this time, many homes and gardens are in full swing, with Lahure flowers. Even though its real name is Delia, it is known as ‘Lahure flower’ in Nepali society.

This flower is believed to have originated in Mexico in Central America. This flower imported from abroad is also very popular in Nepal. Excerpt from a conversation with Suresh Bhakta Shrestha, Director of The Standard Nursery, about Lahure flowers, or dahlias:

What is the main season for dahlias?

The main season for dahlias is summer. This flower blooms mainly in April-May.

What kind of climate or soil does it spread to?

This flower cannot thrive in very cold weather. It needs sun, so it thrives in hot climates or in temperate climates where it is neither too hot nor too cold. When it comes to soil, this flower is more abundant in loamy soil.

What kind of soil does the dahlia flower need?

Sandy soil is suitable for this flower. Similarly, when talking about manure, compost manure and livestock manure can also be added. But compost manure should not be put on the flower. If the amount of compost manure does not match, the flower itself will be damaged.

In how many days should irrigation be done?

It is better to water the flower only if it is dry by touching the soil than by watering it daily. It is better to do it in a month.

How many varieties does it have? Are the varieties planted in pots and those planted in the garden different?

Talking about the variety of dahlia flower, one can go to its color. It is available in red, yellow, purple, orange, white and pink. This flower is not the same variety planted in pots and planted in the garden. All species can be planted in both places.

How many kinds of flowers bloom? 

There are two main types of flowers. A large 4-5 feet tall flower grows. Now on the market, the hybrid is a small 8 to 10 inch small flower.

How long does its flower last?

Its flowers last for four to five months.

In what season should the seedlings be kept and transplanted?

Now its seedlings are being prepared in nurseries. This plant is made from seeds and buds. It takes a month to prepare. Delia can be moved to this summer, rather than the winter months.

What should be considered while arranging it?

The thing to keep in mind while assembling it is to assemble it gradually. It is a song of flowers, it should not be pushed while mixing.

What is the purpose of dahlia flower petals?

It is very attractive for decorating gardens and pots. This flower is also used well in worship. This flower is also used more in decoration.


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