What to do if children have skin allergies?

Dainik Nepal Jun 26, 2022 | 8:03

Children’s skin is very sensitive. Even the slightest negligence can cause serious skin problems. Children’s skin allergies are especially common in the summer.

There can be various reasons for skin problems. Parents need to be aware of this. What causes skin allergies? Here are some ways to avoid it.

Causes of allergies

When the skin is cold, bacteria can come in contact and infection can occur. This seems to be an allergy problem. Children can also be allergic to metal. A child may also be allergic to a flower or a tree.

Some clothing can also cause skin allergies. This problem is seen in children even when the skin is not cleaned properly.

Allergy symptoms

Children with skin allergies show a variety of symptoms.

– Frequent itching of the skin

– The skin turns red

-Space is seen above and below the knee, behind the ear, on the pulse

-Changes of cheeks, eyes and lips

-Dark spots appear with races

Ways to avoid allergies

Allergies in children are not the same for everyone. Their symptoms vary. If you have any skin problems in children, you should contact a doctor immediately. The following measures should be taken to avoid skin allergies.

Don’t use soap every day to avoid skin allergies. As soap increases allergies, its use should be reduced. Since some fabrics cause skin allergies, it is usually best to use a cotton cloth.

Allergies can cause problems such as itching and scarring. Children should not be kept cold after bathing as it can cause allergies. After bathing, the skin should be thoroughly wiped.


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