Pokhara Metropolitan City to dispose garbage at Lameahal site for 18 months

Dainik Nepal Aug 11, 2023 | 9:59

Kaski: The issues emerged in the waste management of Pokhara Metropolitan City for the past two weeks have been resolved from Thursday after the consensus between the metropolitan city and struggle committee.

The locals of Lameahal from Pokhara Metropolitan City-32 had formed a struggle committee protesting the city’s move to manage wastes in a temporary landfill site at Lameahal area. The garbage from the city was piled up after the locals at Lameahal obstructed the waste disposal stating that the landfill site was stinking, infrastructures were not developed as per the agreement and the roads there were left muddy.

The Metropolitan City said that agreement between the local residents, struggle committee and metropolitan city has been made to dispose wastes at Lameahal landfill site for 18 months. As agreed, the garbage carrying vehicles should reach the site between 6:00 am to 4:00 pm and should immediately cover the waste from the soil.

Likewise, the metropolitan city would execute some infrastructure development projects. Likewise, life insurance of citizens affected from the waste would be covered and the insecticides would be sprayed in the waste management site.

Mayor Dhan Raj Acharya said that the locals would be given the first priority based on their skills for employment opportunities and the local schools would be provided with assistance materials as well.


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