National security’s dimensions getting wider: DPM Khadka

Dainik Nepal Aug 04, 2023 | 20:43

Kathmandu: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defense, Purna Bahadur Khadka, said the scope and dimensions of national security were getting wider.

In his address to the training graduates at the Army Command and Staff College, Shivapuri on Friday, he clarified the national security broadly was an embodiment of the security of political, social, economic and geographic aspects, among others. “In the context that the dimension of national security has become wider and expanding, thereby going beyond the conventional understanding from the perspective of military power, it is equally important to address the aspects related to sovereignty, national unity, territorial integrity, social, economic, cultural, ecological and human affairs while dealing with national security”, he noted.

Various incidents taking place in global arena, changes in the international security climate, rapid development in the information and technology sector and changes in the social, economic, cultural and political fronts have direct bearing on the national security, according to him.

On the occasion, DPM Khadka stressed the need to equip the Army Command and Staff College with resources and develop as a center of excellence. He pledged all sorts of positive support and cooperation to the College which is concerned about the national security, foreign policy and diplomacy, political economy, international relations, peacekeeping operation issues, and the coordination and knowledge building among the government and non-government agencies regarding the national security issues. Khadka urged the participants to try to make the most of the training.

As he said, the College that was established as the training academy for the then Royal Nepali Army in 2047 BS have proved itself as a source of pride for the entire NA over the course of the time. “The incorporation of participants from international community has built a ground for trans-cultural experiences and knowledge sharing,” he viewed.

Army officers from various friendly nations to take courses at the College have showed the significance of the College, he said, acknowledging the roles of Nepali Army and the College teachers to enhance its presence and significance.

The Minister vowed to extend support to further systematise the operations of the College, and improve its managerial and professional competency so that it would be well-equipped to sort out challenges it has been facing.


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