ANNFSU not to resort to padlocking educational institutions

Dainik Nepal Jul 23, 2023 | 19:54

Kathmandu: The All Nepal National Free Students Union (ANNFSU) close to the CPN (UML) has announced that it will refrain from closing educational institutions.

From now on, no protest programme of padlocking educational institutions would be organised, said the ANNFSU Chair Samik Badal at a press conference organised here today.

“At present, universities and campuses are in a mess due to padlocking. From now on, the ANNFSU will not padlock any educational institutions. We have also directed the lower committees not to resort to this protest,” he said.

He however said they could resort to any other form of protests as alternative to padlocking when there is a need.

In another context, he said the ANNFSU would support with the move of the local level in taking initiatives to carry out reforms in the community schools.


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