Blasting rock to construct roads on Indian side causes damage in Nepal

Dainik Nepal

Khalanga: Blasting rock to construct roads on the Indian side has affected people on the Nepali side, it has been reported.

Stones hurled in course of the blast at Dharchula Tehsil of Pithoragarh district, India have caused damage to three houses and cowsheds at Masinibaluwa of Mahakali Municipality-5 on the Nepali side, said Inspector Gyanendra Bahadur Singh, also is an information officer for the District Police Office, Darchula.

The damaged houses belong to locals Naravan Badu, Harak Singh Thagunna and Jagat Singh Thagunna. “The stones flung from the blast reach farmlands of the local people in Nepal. India blasts rocks without early warning, thus causing risks,” said Badu.


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