91 complaints related to usury in Parsa

Dainik Nepal Jul 08, 2023 | 9:32

Birgunj: The District Administration Office, Parsa has resolved 91 complaints related to usury or lending money in unreasonably high interest rate.

Out of 1,321 complaints registered online, 91 complaints have been addressed and resolved in favor of the victims through a dialogue between the two parties. Where no agreement was reached, a case has been filed, said assistant Chief District Officer Shiva Prasad Lamsal.

Meanwhile, new complaints are being received online as the old complaints are under investigation. He said that it has been found that there is a tendency for some people to give a small amount of money and keep a bank cheque of up to two or three times more than the amount as collateral.

Chief District Officer of Parsa, Hiralal Regmi, said that during the investigation of the complaint, written statements or other documents, witnesses are explored while necessary inquiries, collection of evidence are carried out and made maximum efforts are made to reach an agreement between the two parties. So far, most of the complaints are being resolved based on a consensus between the two sides, which is a good thing, he said.


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