No vehicular movement for five days in hilly areas of Nawalpur

Dainik Nepal Jul 04, 2023 | 15:39

Triveni: The landslides occurred in different parts of hilly area in Nawalpur district have halted the vehicular movement for five days.

Deputy Superintendent of Police in Nawalpur, Bed Prasad Paudel, informed that transportation was impossible because of landslide occurred at Kusmot-Pokhari section of Daldhl-Pokhari road.

Similarly, the landslips occurred at Baudikali, Bulingtar and Hupsekot in the district caused complete halt of vehicular movement. The landslides are caused by the incessant rainfall occurred for some days here.

Although efforts are made to clear the debris, continuous rainfall has triggered the problems. “Incessant rainfall has caused landslips,” he added. It was difficult to remove debris at Pangger and Pokhari sections of Hupsekot Rural Municipality-5. The roadway to reach Dedhgao from Pokhari is completely blocked.

A local from Baudikali-5, Ges Bahadur Shrestha, shared that they were bound to make travel via Muglin-Narayanghadh to reach district headquarters. Gaidakot-Bulingtar section is another way disrupted in the district. Once the way to Kawasoti is blocked, the people in the hilly area are forced to go to Bhimad, Khaireni.

A local from Bulingtar, Tol Bahadur Rana, also shared the plight that major roads were not black-topped and upgraded, which posed challenges to a huge number of people.


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