Pashupati Study Centre to be established in Pashupati Area

Dainik Nepal Jun 22, 2023 | 14:36

Kathmandu: A study centre will be established targeting the people who want to carry out a research on oriental philosophy. The Pashupati Area Development Trust (PADT) has in its proposed master plan come up with a concept of establishing the centre named ‘Pathupati Study Centre’ in the Pathupati Area.

The project location is near the Nepal Veda Vidyashram. The master plan has been endorsed from the PADT Governing Council, and is waiting for the Cabinet endorsement.

A design of the proposed Centre has been prepared, said the PADT executive director Dr Ghana Shyam Khatiwada. The project cost is estimated to be Rs 860 million. Discussions are underway to collect donation for the project as well, he said. A new library has been established by integrating the library set up in 2031 BS by the Vidyashram and the one run by the PADT.

The library has around 5,000 books of different genres including Veda, Shivapuran, Nepali Nighantu, and the ones related to oriental philosophy. The Vidyashram being run by the PADT since 2056 BS will also be up upgradated. The library is accessible for students of the Vidyashram and those visiting the Pashupatinath for worship, said the PADT member secretary Dr Milan Kumar Thapa.

Thousands of people from home and abroad visited the Pathupatinath Temple for worship every year. There lacks a body to provide information about Pashupatinath Temple and oriental philosophy, it has been said. So, the concept of establishing the Centre has been in place to fill the lack, said Khatiwada.


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