People in Tarai cautioned over risk of heat waves

Dainik Nepal Jun 12, 2023 | 20:49

Kathmandu: The Meteorological Forecasting Division has appealed with one and all in the central and western areas in the Tarai belt to observe precautionary measures against the heat wave as it would prevail for four more days.

The Division said that an abrupt rise was recorded in the maximum temperatures in those areas in the Tarai belt lately while the temperatures exceeded 40 degree Celsius in the recent days resulting in heat wave locally known as ‘Lu’.

A majority of the places in Sudurpaschim Province, Lumbini Province and Gandaki Province are still likely to reel under the heat wave for four more days. Although, temperature in Tarai areas of Bagmati Province and western areas of the Madhesh Province is likely to drop slightly, the possibility of extreme heat was still there, informed the Division.

This year’s monsoon arrival in Nepal is expected to be delayed by a day or two than its usual arrival on June 13, chances are that the heat will increase even more. Thus, the Division requested one and all concerned to remain cautioned.

According to the Division, problems such as fatigue, weakness, excessive thirst, headache, leg cramps, dizziness, fainting, muscle pain and nausea could be experienced due to exposure to heat wave.

Hence, the Division has urged all to remain indoors and not to go outside unless it is absolutely essential. Furthermore, the Division suggests wearing light clothes preferably cotton’s dress, covering head while going out and drinking plenty of water and soft drinks (juice, syrup etc) among others to remain safe from heat wave.


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