Monsoon entering Nepal in some days

Dainik Nepal Jun 11, 2023 | 20:51

Kathmandu: Scorching heat since some days has thrown life of people out of gear. Temperature in some part of the country soared to as high as above 43 degrees Celsius making a record history.

Voices for seeking ways to be safe from the excessive heat were raised on various platforms ranging from the parliament to social media. The situation may somehow ease as monsoon is entering Nepal in some days, said the Meteorological Forecasting Division.

Based on weather analysis in the past 30 years, monsoon in general enters Nepal in mid-June and exits in the first week of October. Moisture-laden winds from the Bay of Bengal along with the westerly wind, and the low pressure area from the surroundings of Bihar in India have had their impact, increasing possibilities for monsoon to enter Nepal timely, said meteorologist Rojan Lamichhane.

“Temperature is decreasing in Koshi Province since Saturday. Clouds are forming, and factors required for monsoon are favourable,” he said. Koshi Province and some hilly parts of the country will remain cloudy partially and generally, and remaining parts will have clear sky.

One or two parts of hilly areas of Koshi Province are predicted to receive light rainfall, he said. Temperature across the country will gradually go down, and that in the western Tarai area remains constant for some days, according to the Division.


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