Farmers will be handed grants at doorstep: PM Dahal

Dainik Nepal Jun 09, 2023 | 21:43

Kathmandu: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said government was proving grants directly to the farmers by taking lesson from the past.

During the first national gathering of Returnee Centre Nepal organized in the federal capital on Friday, PM Dahal reiterated that government had adopted a policy to reach farmers at their doorsteps and hand over the grant so that the grant would be utilized. “The grant schemes of billions of rupees were designed, but they were hardly utilized. Those involved in production were deprived of access to such grants. It had zilch result in deed. In view of this learning, the grants this time will be provided on farmers’ hands.”

The PM further shared that government had also adopted the policy and plan to mobilize the foreign returnee, their skills and capital in an integrated manner. “I believe this association would help utilize the resources available in country- land, forest, herbs, and hydro resources, among others,” PM Dahal said, adding that he was working in a different way this time. He committed to emerging tough against corruption.

“Fake Bhutanese refugee scam is one of the cases in the garbage piles of corruption in Nepal. Such numerous aberrations need to be addressed well,” PM Dahal reminded. According to him, the policies and programmes the government has brought recently have special focus on production, employment and agriculture.

The PM announced that government would ensure facilitation at legal, institutional and procedural levels to best utilize the capital, technology and knowledge brought in by the returnees from foreign employments.

Also shared on the occasion were government’s efforts to incorporate Nepalis in foreign jobs in the social security fund, set up a help desk at Nepali embassies abroad and online labour permit. The government plays a guardianship role to the families of the Nepalis who are injured or have lost lives in course foreign employments, the PM committed.


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