Budget is meant for improving people’s daily lives: lawmaker Lamichhane

Dainik Nepal Jun 08, 2023 | 16:42

Kathmandu: Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP) Chair Rabi Lamichhane has said success of budget is measured by its impact on people’s daily lives. “It will be successful in a true sense provided that it will be relevant in the daily lives of the people.”

Taking part in general deliberations on the government annual estimates of the income and expenditures for the upcoming fiscal year during a session of the House of Representatives (HoR) today, the lawmaker said negligence was noticed while determining the size of revenues in the budget. Stating that the party got no reliable and convincing replies from the Finance Minister regarding the party’s opinions over the budget, he said he suspected the influence of a handful of leaders and ministers in the allocation of development budget in the respective electoral constituencies and called the Finance Minister’s attention towards that end.

As he said, the House should not be obstructed over the issues came in media. “Validity of media contents be first tested before deciding to hamper the House business, ” he said and advised the government not to underestimate the presence and significance of some entities in the name of expenditure reduction.

The RSP Chair announced that the party had no biased positions to any community over the Nepali citizenship issue. He said he himself experienced the pain of being stateless and strongly believed that any Nepali citizens and children of single mothers shall have rights to obtaining the Nepali citizenship.

Lingden alleges of ‘haphazard approach’ Similarly, Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) Chair Rajendra Lingden accused of a haphazard approach in increasing the tax rates and its coverage. “This budget is unlikely to improve economy as per the people’s expectations.”

The lawmaker pressed an idea of lowering the tax on electric vehicles. He was of the view of development big hydropower projects with domestic investment instead of opting for foreign investment.


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