Silage industry comes into operation

Dainik Nepal Jun 08, 2023 | 10:53

Bharatpur: A silage industry has come into operation in Bharatpur Metropolitan City-13, Champanagar. In order to minimize unit production cost of milk and milk products, the industry has been brought into operation.

Ujjwal Milk Producers Cooperative Organization based in Bharatpur-13, Champanagar has started manufacturing feed for cattle. Silage is a type of fodder which is usually made up of green foliage crops. Silage which is manufactured in a way to keep nutrient elements is considered highly beneficial for cattle.

The industry has equal 50 percent investment from Bhratpur Metropolis Agriculture and Livestock Business Promotion Section and Ujjwal Milk Producers Cooperative Organization. Bharatpur-13 ward chairperson Prakash Dawadi inaugurated the industry amidst a programme on Wednesday. It was established at the total investment of over Rs 4.2 million.

He said the establishment of silage industry would benefit farmers of the local area. Farmers would be encouraged to use silage as it increases milk production and maintain good health of the cattle, he further said.

Cooperative chairperson Homnath Subedi said silage was very useful for animal feed. He expressed the confidence that the cost-effective manufacturing of silage would render relief to the farmers when they were compelled to buy expensive straw and grass for cattle. ‘We would distribute silage at Rs 11.50 per kilogram. This is cheaper than the market price’, Subedi said


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