Rehabilitation of returnee migrant workers demanded

Dainik Nepal Jun 06, 2023 | 20:51

Kathmandu: Returnee Federation Nepal has drawn government attention to financial, social and political rehabilitation and adjustment of returnee migrant workers.

Issuing a press release on Tuesday, the Federation demanded the government prepare act, laws, rules and guidelines required for rehabilitation and adjustment of returnees and implement it immediately.

It urged to establish and develop government office, department and high-powered public agency for overall management of the returnees, recommending the government to establish labour data bank with identification of skill, capital and technical knowledge by collecting data of returnee migrant workers.

Federation President Uttam Adhikari said although the government has been allocating huge budget for returnees every year, the amount was being spent for meeting, seminar and workshop. The budget should be spent for infrastructure development and direct production by ending trend of unwise spending in the name of seminar and workshop, he stressed.

Laying emphasis on the need of making mandatory participation of returnees in the areas of their experience, the Federation called for the government to ensure participation of returnee representative in course of preparing returnee-targeted public policy, as well as other plans and programmes with focus on returnees.


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