Schools closed due to rising temperatue

Dainik Nepal Jun 04, 2023 | 9:40

Sindhuli: Dudhauli municipality has decided closed down the schools after steady rising in temperature for the past few days. The municipality has given summer vacation to the school for one week after teaching and learning activities were hampered due to the scorching heat.

Mayor Dinesh Adhikari Danuwar said community and institutional schools have been closed from today till Friday. The decision to shut down the schools was taken after students started falling sick due to the heat.

Meanwhile, Mayor Danuwar has asked parents and guardians to take special care of children and stop them from going out during the day. Anyone suffering from runny nose, vomiting, severe headache or difficulty in breathing should be taken to the nearest hospital immediately.

Although the schools will be closed, the ongoing examination of Grade 11 will continue as per the previous schedule.


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