Pathibhara temple earns more than 6.6 million in 100 days

Dainik Nepal Jun 03, 2023 | 13:16

Mangalbare: Offerings made by devotees paying obeisance at the Pathibhara temple has led to a collection of Rs. 6.6 million in a span of three months. The income was made public by the new committee formed by Rong Rural Municipality of Ilam to oversee the financial affairs of the temple.

According to the committee, 2.17 million was collected in the month of Falgun, 2.64million in Chait and 1.8 million in Baisakh. Similarly, more than five hundred rupees have been collected so far in the month of Jetha.

It may be noted that a complaint had been filed at the district administration office regarding the non-transparency of the funds collected as donations offered by devotees. Chairperson of the rural municipality, Manikumar Syangbo Subas, said that after the new committee came into being the funds have been made public. “In 100 days since the change in ownership of Pathibhara temple management, Rs 6.66 million has been collected in offerings made by the people visiting the temple,” he said.

The previous committee had not disclosed the income and expenditure of the temple for the last six years. Chief District Officer of Ilam, Shravan Kumar Pokhrel, said that based on the letter sent by the rural municipality the previous committee will be asked to hold a general meeting and come up with its audit report. If any irregularities are found then the legal process will be initiated.


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