Nirjala Ekadashi being observed in Mithila region

Dainik Nepal May 31, 2023 | 10:36

Mahottari: Nirjala Ekadashi, a sacred day devoted to Lord Bishnu, is being observed in the districts including Mahottari in the ancient Mithila region.

The day that falls on Ekadashi Tithi (11th day) of Shukla Paksha in the Nepali month of Jestha holds much significance for Hindu people as they observe fast, offer prayer and seek blessings from Lord Bishnu. Until Dashami (10th day) of Jestha Shukla, taking a bath at various shrines happens, and seeds of the flowers used for conducting pujas through the year are left to germinate.

And the following day, devotees fast on Ekadashi Tithi. On the day, devotees spread seeds of ‘Tulasi’, a sacred plant and also a medicinal herb, to germinate. There is a deep relation between Ekadashi and Tulasi according to the Maithil tradition, said priest Mahesh Kumar Jha, who has knowledge about the Maithili rituals.

“In the Maithil tradition, there is the importance of Ekadashi and Tulasi throughout the year. However, Nirjala, Harishayani and Haribodhani are special. On Nirjala, seeds of Tulasi are left to germinate. On Harishayani, seedlings of Tulasi are planted, and On Haribodhani, Tulasi marriage takes place,” he said.


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