‘Policy and programme lack concrete measures for corruption control’

Dainik Nepal May 27, 2023 | 21:14

Kathmandu: Parliamentarians of opposition parties have commented that the government-presented policy and programme for the upcoming fiscal year has failed including concrete programmes for agriculture, employment and corruption control.

Taking part in the deliberation on policy and programme in today’s meeting of the House of Representatives (HoR), they said the policy and programme have not determined its clear objectives and priorities.

Parliamentarian Santosh Pariyar commented the policy and programme was not much deviated from the past practice. He noted it has not included the issues of Dalit. ‘The policy and programme came as a continuation of previous ritual. It has not touched on the issues of 13 percent Dalit population’, he added.

Likewise, it has not come up with concrete and strong measures for corruption control, he viewed. ‘Corruption prevails high in development programme and projects. If the government really intends to control corruption it has to be reflected in the policy and programme’, Pariyar said.

Parliamentarian Buddhi Man Tamang termed the policy and programme ‘camel’ noting that ‘It has not set a goal and priorities’. On the occasion, parliamentarian Metmani Chaudhary said there was no need to protest the policy and programme as he claimed it has included measures for economic restoration, assurance of good governance at all levels of government, simplification in service delivery and protection and preservation of national interests.

Parliamentarian Seraj Ahmad Faruki demanded rewriting of the government policy and programme for it failing to pay attention to education, health and human rights of the people. He further noted that the government policy has not included concrete programme to check outflow of youths to overseas for education and employment.

Likewise, Member of Parliament Shanti Chaudhary demanded agriculture revolution decade to lay emphasis on agriculture sector. Parliamentarian Shiva Gywali recommended including programme to incentivize self-employment and micro entrepreneurship.

Parliament member Ganga Prasad Yadav stressed the need to resolve the problems of landless squatters. Likewise, lawmaker Sanju Sharma Ansari asked the government to recognize Muslim community schools as public school. She also recommended the government bring special programme for third gender people.


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