I will take initiative to complete construction of Nat’l Martyr Memorial: VP Yadav

Dainik Nepal May 25, 2023 | 17:16

Kathmandu: Vice President Ram Sahay Prasad Yadav has said he would take initiative to complete the construction of the National Martyrs Memorial. The Memorial is under construction at Yagyadol (Jagdol) community forest area located at Gorkarneshwor municipality-4.

Addressing the 17th Establishment Day organised on the occasion of 17 years of the completion of a Cabinet decision to construct the National Martyr Memorial, Vice President Yadav recalled that he had, during his term as the Minister for Forests and Environment, helped to forward the construction works of the Memorial.

“There should be support of all to complete the construction of the National Martyr Memorial being constructed to the memory of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the sake of the nation,” he said and expressed commitment to lend support for the same.

Similarly, lawmaker from Kathmandu-3, Santosh Chalise, shared there would be a great mishap in the country if Parliament failed to carry out activities making the people feel the change within six months, stressing that all ruling and opposition parties should join hands for the same.

Extending gratitude towards National Martyr Memorial for providing 22 ropanis of land for the construction of ‘Martyr Mukesh Kayastha Head Injury’ treatment centre, Mayor of Gokarneshwor municipality Deepak Kumar Risal shared information that activities have been forwarded for the construction of this facility and a contract of Rs 320 million has been signed for the same.

Likewise, Chairperson of National Martyr Memorial Construction Committee, Sudarshan Sigdel, said construction of the National Martyr Memorial is delayed due to budget crunch. They have got assurance of getting Rs 90 million from the Ministry of Forests and Environment, Rs 100 million from the Urban Development Ministry and Rs 240 million from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in next fiscal year to complete the construction works.

On the occasion, former member of the National Human Rights Commission, Sudeep Pathak, former lawmaker Krishna Rai, Deputy-Mayor of Gokarneshwor municipality, Sannani Lama, Chairperson of Association of Conflict-affected Families of Security Forces, Rita Karki, member of martyr family, Dorna Lamichhane, among others urged to complete the construction of the structures of the Memorial as soon as possible.

A cabinet meeting held on May 25, 2007 decided to construct National Martyr and Peace Memorial at Yagyadol Community Forest in memory of those who sacrificed their lives for independence from the end of Rana regime to the martyrs from the second people’s movement.

The construction of the Memorial was forwarded under the then Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction. The National Martyrs Memorial and Peace Park is spread on 650 ropanis of land. The government publishing a notice in the Nepal Gazette on July 4, 2018 had decided to run the projects under the Ministry of Urban Development.

The Danphe-Gauri-Sunaula-JV has yet to complete most construction work equivalent to over Rs 20 million. The Bokkhim Shanti Nirman Sewa and Surya-Janapath JV have not completed work. Other two construction companies have informed that they withdrew from the project, it has been said. The project was commissioned in 2067 BS through the government-community-private sector partnership.

The project completion target was in 2070 BS. However, a governmental delay and negligence by construction entrepreneurs have made the matter worse, said Sigdel, also chairperson of the Yagyadol community forest users group. Other delaying factors are said to be the 2015 earthquake and the undeclared Indian blockade. The project spanning 650 ropanis of land will cost over Rs 467 million in a preliminary estimation. More than 70 percent work of the project has been completed, and over Rs 270 million has been spent. Construction of walls, roads and tracks is underway, it has been said.


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