Judiciary advancing reform programmes: Acting CJ Karki

Dainik Nepal May 09, 2023 | 13:40

Kathmandu: Acting Chief Justice Hari Krishna Karki has said judicial norms and values should be kept intact for neutral, quality and effective justice delivery.

Acting CJ Karki said it in a message of best wishes he extended to all Nepali sisters and brothers on the occasion of Law Day today. “Judiciary has forwarded reform activities in order to maintain good governance and ensure quality in service delivery so that the institution would be more credible.” He hoped the Law Day would inspire all sides concerned to keep intact people’s faith on court with the materialization of reform initiatives.

The democratic values would be institutionalized as per concept of independent, fair and competent judiciary and rule of law, he said, wishing, “May this special Day encourage all for building durable peace, good governance, development, prosperity, social justice and citizen’s access to justice.”

He sought all sides’ cooperation to ensure the implementation of rights and freedoms the constitution has enshrined. It would help achieve long aspired development and prosperity, the Acting CJ believed. He further wished the Day inspired all to work for guaranteeing constitutional supremacy, rule of law, equality and justice.

It Day is marked in commemoration of the day the pradhan nyayalaya, Supreme Court, was established in Nepal. With the introduction of Nepal Supreme Court Act, 2008, the Supreme Court was set up on Baisakh 26, 2009 BS. The Acting Chief Justice also reminded the contribution made by various persons for independent judiciary, rule of law and modern jurisprudence in Nepal.


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