Lawmaker Singh undresses in protest at parliament

Dainik Nepal May 08, 2023 | 14:29

Kathmandu: Lawmaker Amaresh Kumar Singh took off his clothes in parliament protesting over not allotting time for him to speak during the ‘urgent time’ in a session of House of Representatives today.

Speaker Devraj Ghimire had said at the outset of the meeting that time has not been allotted for ‘urgent time’ today and the House would directly take up its regular agenda. After this, some lawmakers protested this by standing in the meeting.

Lawmaker Singh had also urged the Speaker that he allowed to speak in the ‘urgent time’, but the Speaker asked him to sit as time has not been allotted for the ‘urgent time’. At this, Singh took off his shirt in protest.

Singh ultimately sat in his seat after the Speaker repeatedly reprimanded him in accordance with Rule 30 of the House of Representatives Regulations, 2079 saying he was acting against the decency of parliament. Speaking during the ‘zero hour’ in today’s session, lawmaker Achyut Prasad Mainali said Singh’s such act was in breach of parliamentary practice.


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