Biodiversity of Niskot Baraha lake being ruined

Dainik Nepal May 06, 2023 | 10:28

Galeswor: Biodiversity of Baraha lake located at the top of Malika Rural Municipality-1, Niskot in Myagdi is being ruined.

After increasing crowd-up of people with easy access of means of transport to the area of late, the birds which were cleaning up the lake are being migrated to other places, locals said.

The lake which is situated atop the village and bottom of dark green forest had been never polluted before there was human intrusion. The birds used to take out the forest leaves from the lake. But lately the local birds are not seen here and lake cleaning birds are also declining, said Terk Bahadur Pun, a local.

Visitors can take joy of sight-seeing of the lake located amidst the dense forest and human settlements in Niskot village. Local level has to pay attention to the preservation of biodiversity in the lake stretching over around two ropanis of land, said Dhanmani Armaja, a local of Pokhara who came here to observe the lake.

The attractive green lake enriched with biodiversity has drawn attraction of domestic tourists lately. It is located in an altitude of 2,300 meters from the sea level. The image of surrounding mountains reflected in the lake has also increased inflow of tourists, said Ramesh Pun, a local.


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