Buddha Jayantri being marked today

Dainik Nepal May 05, 2023 | 13:20

Kathmandu: The 2567th birth anniversary of Gautam Buddha- Buddha Jayanti- is being observed across the country by commemorating his contributions to the establishment of the world peace.

Buddha, regarded as the ninth incarnation of Lord Bishnu, was born on Shukla Purnima of Baisakh month in the lunar calendar. There is a coincidence that the dates (lunar calendar) the Buddha got birth, wisdom, and Mahaparinirvan (passing away) fall the same. The Buddhist communities in the world including Nepal observe the Day with much reverence.

The birth anniversary of Buddha, the apostle of non-violence and peace, is being observed with spiritual leaders and gurus at monasteries. The government has appealed to all people to observe the Buddha Jayanti with illumination at homes.

Grand programmes are being held at Lumbini, Swayambhu, and Bauddha on Buddha Jayanti. Buddha born in the royal family of King Suddhodhan and Queen Mayadevi had left his palace at the age of 29 for penance. He is regarded also as the ‘Light of Asia’.

Buddhist philosophy is taught in the internationally acclaimed universities like Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard. There are also MA level programmes on Buddhist philosophy at Tribhuvan University, Nepal Sanskrit University, Lumbini Bauddha University in Nepal. The teaching and sermons given by Lord Buddha during his lifetime of 80 years are collected in ‘binaya’, ‘sutta’, ‘abhidhamma’ and ‘tripitak’.


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