220 rhinos die in CNP in eight years

Dainik Nepal May 04, 2023 | 16:35

Chitwan: A total of 220 rhinos died in Chitwan National Park (CNP) and vicinity in eight years.

The CNP shared that among the casualties, 64 rhinos died of aging and falling off cliff; and 19 died in morass and floods. Information officer at CNP, Ganesh Prasad Tiwari, informed that 51 pachyderms died while fighting each other. Similarly, 20 rhinos were killed in tiger attack, nine in poaching, eight in electric shock, and 12 of illness. Three pachyderms died being trapped in trench, five by consuming toxic things, while reason behind the death of 29 rhinos is not ascertained yet.

The information further said in the last eight years, 100 male and 76 female rhinos died, while number of rhinos with unidentified sex stood 44 in this period.

Comparatively, since fiscal year-2072/73, highest number of death, 43, was recorded in fiscal year-2075/76. Similarly, 14 rhinoceroses- lowest in eight years- died in fiscal year-2072/73.

The CNP has been running various programmes to manage grazing land and conserve water for rhinos.


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