Mahabir Pun stages sit-in putting forth various demands

Dainik Nepal

Kathmandu: Founder of the National Innovation Centre, Mahabir Pun, has launched a sit-in at Maitighar from today, putting forth various demands before the government. Pun shared, “Improvement in economy is our demand. The government should create environment conducive to stop the brain drain of youth human resources.”

He demanded that the federal government and province government should allocate one per cent amount of the development budget to help in conducting research, innovation and invention. It can therefore be deposited in the ‘Research, Innovation and Invention Fund’.

Pun opined that a separate ‘Research, Innovation and Invention Promotion, Operation and Procurement Act’ should be formulated to provide the amount to the talented and innovative youth thinkers.

Formulating rules and regulations for marketing of goods produced from Centre, forming a ‘New Entrepreneur Promotion Committee’ to facilitate the Centre’s activities, and providing permission, license, grant and loan to the Nepalis willing to be new entrepreneur are also the demand of the Centre.

Pun further demanded to promote practical research in private research centre which do not distribute profit and in university with high priority. Establish of Practical Research and Innovation Department under Ministry of Education, Science and Technology is another demand posed by the scientist Pun.


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