PM Dahal appeals for unity among left-forces

Dainik Nepal Apr 22, 2023 | 13:28

Kathmandu: Prime Minister and CPN (Maoist Centre) Chairperson Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has appealed to all leftists to join the campaign for unity among all communist revolutionary and progressive left-forces.

The entire left-forces should take part in the historic campaign to build the foundation for socialism, he urged in a message of best wishes today on the occasion of the 153rd Birth Anniversary of Vladimir Lenin and the 74th Establishment Day of the Nepal Communist Party.

Recalling that the communist movement has reached this far after cutting through a long series of class and ideological struggles, and divisions and unity, the communist leader claimed that the establishment of federal democratic republic in Nepal was a result of historic struggles led and initiated by the communist party.

The incumbent government led by the Maoist Centre was committed to the effective implementation of the socialism-oriented new constitution that has established democracy, republic, federalism, inclusion, secularism and social justice, he said. It was also dedicated to take Nepali people to the new era of prosperity alongside social justice, and safeguard the democratic system and achievements made so far, he added.


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