Nationwide Vitamin ‘A’ campaign from today

Dainik Nepal Apr 19, 2023 | 10:49

Kathmandu: The national vitamin ‘A’ campaign for children begins from today.

The campaign to administer vitamin A capsules to children is taking place across the country today and tomorrow, said Director of the Family Welfare Division under the Ministry of Health and Population, Dr Bivek Kumar Lal. The children will also receiving deworming tables along with vitamin a capsules.

The vitamin A capsules will be administered to children between six months to 59 months and deworming tables to children aged one to five years.

The target is to reach out to around 2.7 million children for Vitamin A capsules and around 2.4 million children for deworming tables. The government has been carrying out the national vitamin ‘A’ campaign since 2050 BS and is held twice in the months of Baisakh and Kartik of the Lunar calendar.


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