Sujan, 27, pierces tongue on Bisket Jatra

Dainik Nepal

Bhaktapur: Bode area of Madhyapurthimi Municipality in Bhaktapur district was crowded with people to see the Bisket Jatra, which is observed every year on Baisakh 2.

Till 1:00 pm on Saturday, there was a huge crowd of people coming to see the popular tongue piercing jatra. After 2:00 pm, a large number of people made a human chain and arrived at Pancho Ganesh Temple where a man was getting his tongue pierced.

The centre of attraction in the jatra was Sujan Shrestha, 27, who arrived there after offering puja to all deities. His arrival was cheered up by the throng of celebrants.

In a south-faced podium at Pancho Ganesh Temple, Sujan received a warm felicitation from his uncle Karminaya Krishna Chandra Bag Shrestha, who pierced his tongue for 12 times in the past.
After performing worship to deities along with floral offer, Sujan got his tongue pierced in front of thousands of people with a 10-inch long iron needle prepared a month ago.

As his tongue was pierced, Sujan greeted to all and then left the site by carrying a moon-shaped Bhuyawa. Sujan visited the communities in the Bode area for almost an hour by carrying the Bhuyawa and circumambulated different temples there.

After this, Sujan reached the Mahalaxmi Temple premise at Bhangu Tole where he circumambulated the temple for five times and entered the temple by keeping the Bhuyawa outside of the temple.

After his entry into the temple, the needle was taken out from his tongue and was hit on a wooden piece on the temple’s wall. This marked the end of the jatra and thousands of people scattered and left the premises.


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