‘Improvement in working style a must for federalism implementation’

Dainik Nepal Apr 13, 2023 | 12:55

Kathmandu: The government representatives, civil society and constitutional experts have pointed out the need of federalism-friendly thinking and improvement in working style for coordination and collaboration among three tiers of the governments.

At a programme ‘Present status and way forward of effective coordination and collaboration among federal, provincial and local levels’ organized by the Nepal Law Society, the speakers commented any effort would remain futile if there was no political will power in implementing federalism.

Former Chief Justice Kalyan Shrestha underlined the need of courage to initiate constitutional amendment, revision and reforms so as to enliven federalism. “Though coordination and collaboration is heard in speech, local level has been maneuvered in action. How the thinking and practice to centralize power would protect achievements? There is a problem at political level in implementing federalism”, he noted.

Chief Secretary Shanker Das Bairagi highlighted the need of successfully taking ahead hard-earned federalism based on the study and research of its practice.
“All three tiers of government should lay emphasis on accountable, economized, efficient service delivery and maintaining financial discipline. There is a need of scientific analysis and review of the works done so far on coordination and collaboration. The federalism-friendly thinking and improvement in working style are needed to successfully implement federalism”, he added.
Also speaking on the occasion, National Planning Commission’s Vice Chair Kewal Prasad Bhandari said competition in spending state coffer in the areas outside the country needs would constrain in the achievement of the goals.

“Laying emphasis on the construction of view tower and temple instead of hospital and school building has created troubles in addressing the needs and achieving the goals”, Bhandari stressed.
Former Minister Sher Bahadur Kunwar said efforts made so far for federalism implementation were not disappointing, underscoring the need of shunning ill-practices and thinking.

Likewise, former minister Jitendra Narayan Dev spoke the importance of adopting austerity measures keeping in mind shrinking sources of revenues. “It is wise to formulate laws and amend the constitution as per the need”.

Former minister Hitraj Pandey said the local and provincial level has come to this stage despite resource insufficiency and now is the time to take ahead the implementation of federalism with commitment.

Secretary at the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Dhanaraj Gyawali commented that federalism implementation was making headways through local level office-bearers have yet to understand their jurisdictions and authority.

Executive Director of the Society Krishna Man Pradhan and advocate Mohan Acharya stressed the need to work more on administrative and fiscal federalism. The Society has been undertaking various studies regarding the status, challenges and way forward of federalism related laws in Nepal in collaboration with different ministries.


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