Department of Civil Registration revises provision about non-marital child

Dainik Nepal Apr 10, 2023 | 19:50

Kathmandu: The Department of National ID and Civil Registration has come up with a new circular in regard with issuing a birth certificate to a non-marital child. The fresh circular mandates the authorities concerned to record the birth details of a child born to a single mother and whose paternal lineage remains unidentified in mother’s surname along with her address.

Earlier, on April 5 the Department added a new provision targeting a non-marital child with unidentified paternal lineage. The circular was for issuing the birth certificate to such child with the surname of his/her maternal family.

The circular received widespread criticism, citing it a case of gender-based discrimination against women as it disapproved the independent identity of a woman. Department Director General Rudra Prasad Pundit said the provision was revised following the public concerns over the previous circular.

Similarly, it also revised the clause requiring cancellation of the birth registration issued under this category and the issuance of a new certificate with the address of father if the identity of the child’s father is ascertained. Now in such situation, the new birth certificate shall be issued with the father’s surname or mother’s or of the both.

Department Director General Pundit said the April 5 circular followed the request from local governments for further clarifying provisions for the birth registration of a non-marital child and it was further revised on Sunday.


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