Cabinet scraps expenditure in the name of peace-related activities

Dainik Nepal Apr 04, 2023 | 20:59

Kathmandu: The government has decided to cancel the standards for expenditure on peace-related activities, 2078.

Minister of Communication and Information Technology Rekha Sharma shared that the Council of Ministers on April 3 meeting decided to do away with the standards.

Meanwhile, the government has decided to form an inquiry commission headed by the former Chairperson of the special court, Gauri Bahadur Karki to make recommendations regarding the loan sharking problem. Former deputy attorney general Ganesh Babu Aryal and former deputy inspector general of police Uttambabu Subedi are members of the commission.

The Council of Ministers has decided to approve the Foreign Investment and Technology Transfer (First Amendment) Regulations, 2079. The government has decided to approve the use of the national forest area on the Narayanghat-Butwal road section under the East-West Highway. Similarly, it has been decided to allow the national forest area to be used for the construction of the Jogmai Cascade Hydroelectric Project.

It has been decided to approve the Melamchi Drinking Water Development Committee (Establishment) Order, 2079 and to form the Cabinet Committees (Political Committee, Administration Committee, Bill Committee, Social Committee and Economic Infrastructure Committee).

Minister Sharma informed that Bharatpur Hospital and Bheri Hospital will be operated as affiliated hospitals of the National Academy of Medical Sciences. The meeting of the Council of Ministers has decided to accept about 550 million rupees from the World Environment Facility for the sustainable management of forests, land and biological diversity in the eastern hilly areas of Nepal.

The government has also decided to direct the District Disaster Management Committee Sindhupalchok to provide cash relief to the victims of Jure Landslide.


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