FNJ’s media conclave issues 9-point declaration

Dainik Nepal Apr 01, 2023 | 19:40

Lumbini: The Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) has demanded the government that it brought the laws in favour of citizen’s rights, press freedom and right to information.

Although the Constitution of Nepal, 2015 has guaranteed full press freedom, three governments formed since the constitution did not pay adequate attention to this regard, thereby delaying the formulation of media and press freedom related laws, the FNJ argued. Issuing a 9-point declaration after holding the national media conclave in Lumbini, the FNJ drew the attention of all concerned towards the establishment of the media related bodies as provisioned by the constitution.

The event determined to launch the campaign of clean FNJ membership. Similarly, those who left journalism and joined other professions are urged to quit the FNJ membership.

The conclave reiterated that the working journalists were deprived of their rights, including minimum wage as provisioned by the Working Journalists’ Act. The media houses are drawn attention to this regard.

For the sustainable operation of media houses, the government has been demanded to immediately adopt proportional advertisement system. Similarly, the media persons are called to abide by journalists’ code to make journalism a dignified profession. The capacity building trainings the FNJ has been conducting would be continued, it added.


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