Madhesh Province begins Public Financial Management project

Dainik Nepal Apr 01, 2023 | 9:36

Janakpurdham: The public financial management project has been launched in Madhesh Province aimed at assisting in the participatory public financial management at province and local levels. Beginning of the five-year project was announced on Friday at the presence of Chief Minister of Madhesh Province Saroj Kumar Yadav and US Ambassador to Nepal Dean Thompson.

It is said that the 20 million US dollar programme will reinforce public financial management at the federal, provincial and local levels of government in the province. Through this activity, the government and the USAID will partner to strengthen and advance national public financial management institutions and systems.

On the occasion, Chief Minister Yadav said that the Madhes Province Government was effortful to maintain good-governance adding that this project would help maintain fiscal discipline, promote transparency and make the province prosperous.

Likewise, Social Development Minister of Madhesh Province Surita Kumari Sah said that fiscal federalism was a must for the implementation of federalism in the country. Likewise, US Ambassador to Nepal Dean Thompson stated that democracy flourishes when leaders are accountable to citizens, and when citizens understand the mission and boundaries of their respective leaders. Transparency and understanding how a community’s money is collected, invested and spent is critical to the sound functioning of a democratic society.

Speaking at the event, Nepal Mission Director of USAID Sepideh Kevyanshad said that budget development and related activities should focus the needs of the women and marginalized communities to ensure effective service delivery. The project is expected to provide support for skill related trainings, education and health programmes.


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