Mango trees bloom with flowering

Dainik Nepal Mar 28, 2023 | 9:51

Tulsipur: Mango trees have seen bloom of flowering in Dang this time compared to its season last year.

Flowering has entirely covered the mango trees. It has also brought cheers among the farmers. “We have never seen such a bloom of flowering on mango trees”, said Nawaraj Subedi, a farmer of Tulsipur-7, Praseni, adding it has brought optimism among farmers for higher yield of mangoes this year.

Diwesh KC, a local of Tulsipur-9, said it was however challenging to protect the blossoming flowers from hurricane and storms. “We are worrying that hailstorm and hurricane would ruin the blooming flowers of mango in coming months. Also, there is a worrying issue of marketing of excess production”.

Agriculture Division Chief of Tulsipur Sub-metropolis Dhanraj Gautam said there was excessive flowering on mango tree for this year being the ‘on year’. He noted that this year mango production would immoderately go up if hailstorm, rain and hurricane did not affect more. As many as 8,000 metric tons of mangoes are produced in the district in an average every year.


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