Mahendranagar Museum gaining daily popularity

Dainik Nepal Mar 26, 2023 | 8:34

Dodhara Chandni: The Mahendranagar Museum which was opened two years ago in Kanchanpur has become a popular destination for domestic tourists.

Run by the Captain Bed Upreti Trust, the museum is usually crowded with visitors. The museum has been receiving 100 to 150 people daily. Along with the locals of Mahendrangar, people from Dhangadhi and Nepalgunj are also coming to observe the museum. In the museum, materials such as chairs, tables, bicycles are kept upside down and taking a photo graph gives it a upside down look. Similarly, photos of tourist spots in this area, an old helicopter are inside the museum. Likewise, dummies dressed in the costumes of the Ranatharus of this region is another attraction of the museum.

Meanwhile, the ‘Aircraft Museum’ was also inaugurated in the museum on Saturday. “An aircraft museum has been built by using Cosmic Air’s Fokker-100 jet plane”, captain Upreti said, “100 people can observe it at once and also get information about the cockpit and other features of the plane.” Recorded dialogue between a pilot and the control tower can also be heard in this museum.

Local resident Chitrang Thapa said that the museum has helped a lot in the development of tourism. “A museum has been established as a new tourist destination in Mahendranagar.” Thapa said. Lately, people from the border towns of India are also coming to visit the museum. Bikash Chettri, who visited the museum, said after seeing a video of the museum in Tiktok of a friend he also wanted to see it. Lately, there has been increasing number of people coming to make Tiktok videos here.


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