System changed, tendency remains same: Province Chief Gurung

Dainik Nepal Mar 25, 2023 | 19:54

Gandaki: Chief of the Gandaki Province, Prithviman Guruing said old trends and tendencies continued to remain dominant in political and administrative leadership despite transformation in the country’s governance system following long struggle.

In his address to the second anniversary of Gandaki Province Public Service Commission held at Pokhara on Saturday, he stressed the need to strengthen the province to institutionalize federalism. “The system would be weakened if the centre’s rights were not delegated to the province and local structures as per the spirit of federalism”. The centralist mindset being manifested in political leadership and bureaucracy would not allow the federal system to grow and sustain, he lamented.

Chief Gurung further noted the federal government should delegate the rights except that of sensitive affairs such as foreign policy and national security to the province. He appreciated the Public Service Commission (PSC) as the institution with higher public trust.

Also on the occasion, Gandaki Chief Minister Khagaraj Adhikari said the PSC should not lose its credibility and impartiality. He pledged to bring regulation soon to implement the province civil service act.
Gandaki Province Speaker Krishna Prasad Dhital called for cooperation from all sides to make the commission further effective.

Chairperson of Province PSC Bishnu Prasad Nepal said its performance has been hampered in lack of own building. He also called for support from the province government on the issues ranging from legal arrangement to infrastructure management.


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